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>> Friday, June 4, 2010

Having car insurance is mandatory in the vast majority of states, regardless whether it's a personal or commercial auto you are driving. There are numerous enterprises that have their own vehicles used for commercial purposes as well as for personal use of their senior staff. Smaller home based businesses are also using commercial vehicles to a great extent and this segment of the market is currently on the rise.
Regardless of the size of the enterprise, it is mandatory to carry the necessary amount of auto insurance coverage in order to assure that any damages the commercial auto has caused will be paid for no matter what. Of course, liability coverage is a must and the policy should carry the state specified minimum amount of bodily injury and property damage liability as indicated in minimum state requirements. Of course, one can assume that if the vehicle is owned by the enterprise it's the enterprise that will pay for the damage due to the accident. However, not all companies can assume such financial responsibility, especially if speaking about smaller home based businesses, and there's no other way to gain the necessary financial support other than purchasing commercial auto insurance.
Quite many business owners purchase the necessary liability coverage above minimum limits and choose to include other types of coverage such as comprehensive and collision as well. Some business owners even include underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage to their commercial policies too, taking the fact that there are so many drivers with no insurance coverage on their cars out there on the road.
When looking for auto insurance quotes on commercial autos insurance companies usually employ the same mechanisms of calculation as for individual car insurance. The most weight in the final rates will have such factors as the amount and type of coverage to be included into the policy, the location of the business (traffic, theft rates and repair costs), as well as the actual driving record of the employee (or employees) who will be driving the commercial vehicle.
Having commercial auto insurance is of course very beneficial for the business owner. Having a vehicle stolen or damaged in a car accident can cause a serious drop in income for a period of time, especially if it's a small business. Having your commercial auto covered by car insurance will assure that the repair will take a short time and you won't have to pay for restoring the auto in order to get it back on track.


Slots in New Hampshire are becoming a battleground

One of the more exciting features of the latest recession has been the collapse of tax revenue flowing into the coffers of the individual US states. Sales are down so there's less tax take there. Property values have crashed through the floor so, where tax is a percentage of valuation, the tax take has fallen - with so many properties foreclosed and families unemployed, payment of the tax has been difficult to enforce. People have been earning less and businesses have made less profit so, again, less income tax. Put everything together and many states are effectively bankrupt, their bonds reduced to junk status by the credit rating agencies. Yet there is no political will to really grasp the nettle of tax increases. If the electorate want the same level of services from the state, they have to pay for them. If they genuinely will not pay, they must be prepared to accept real cuts in the quality of the services. Perhaps this recession will finally break through the stubborn refusal to pay a larger percentage of income as tax. While we wait for this revolution, individual states are playing around the margins to save a few dollars here, and raise a few dollars there. Their theory is that federal government will not allow them to fail. Like AIG, many of the states are "too big". So bail-out money will save them from having to make the hard decisions.


Casino online games lose out to the real world

In many ways, the US has the best and the worst system of federal and state governments in the world. Arguably it has the qualities of being the best because, even though it's a two-horse race, there's enough of a difference between the political intentions of the successful candidates to make life interesting. But it's one of the worst because of the level of corruption in the lawmaking following elections. Money speaks loud behind the scenes with different lobbying groups pressuring the elected representatives to deliver on the promises they made to get the campaign funds. For these purposes, it makes no difference which party you look at. All the individuals at every level in the political system depend on "donations" to get elected. When it comes to the world of gambling, the politics get particularly complicated. For individual states, the revenue derived from the different forms of licensed gambling helps avoid complete financial meltdown. Yes, there's a recession, but this has only slowed the flow of money into gambling. Unlike other sources of tax revenue, the gamblers of America are helping balance budgets. But there are different interested parties. In one corner stand the real world casino operators who want the least possible regulation on their activities. Their group is not united because the casinos on Indian land have advantages and, some say, represent unfair competition. We should not forget the other sites who can get licences to run slots. In another corner stand the racing interests. They are long-standing political players and also want the maximum freedom to run their own betting operations with the least interference from states. This blurs into another group that runs betting operations on other sporting events. While a more distant group runs online casinos.
As an example of the conflict of interests, let's go to Massachusetts where there's a new bill in the state House to establish two new real world casinos. As always, the declared intention is to generate more revenue for the state. To maintain a monopoly for the land-based casino operations, the bill proposes to criminalize all online gambling. It will be an offense for any resident of Massachusetts to place or accept a wager placed by a telecommunication device, no matter where they may be located. You will realize, of course, this includes all telephone betting and would hit the racing and sports betting operations. Not surprisingly, this has stirred up an intense lobbying exercise.


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